Short information in English

This web site contains pictures of birds (Fåglar) and is updated regulary. Most of the pictures are from 2007 and onwards when I restared my bird photography challenges using digital system cameras.

Apart from birds there are also other categories of pictures; such as butterflies (in Swedish, and the menu, called Fjärilar) and some landscape views (called Miljö/natur).

If you are not familiar with the Swedish language the most convenient way to find bird photos on this site is to use the Search option in the menu, (top; right hand side). Key in the English name of a bird, or use the Latin name if you are familiar with it, then Enter. You will now find the appropriate articles.

Click any picture in the photo gallery and you will be able to view the pictures one by one.

Happy viewing!

Click the above picture of the dunlin and you will come to the article with pictures of dunlins.